Eddy likes stray dogs, stale & cheap & warm beers and old ladies. He enjoys C# magic and sometimes a good marketing conference talkin' about synergy, sales, crisis, shrinking markets, micro transaction... What he doesn't like is people telling him how he should sell his game and therefore hates the man on the left side of the screen. But, you know, he has to work with him. Sometimes life shits in your shoes, just for fun.



Awarded the Noob of the year award on every game but Nightfire, Paul decided to finally make a game he could literally and figuratively own. That was until Edouard decided it would be a racing game. Paul is the good guy. Always thinking ahead, anticipating, dodging bullets and crying like a baby when things don't go as planned.  Paul pays the checks Edouard can't cash and saves the projects
Edouard can trash.



Yesterday Antoine was an architect, today he is a full time 3D Artist in our studio. When Elisa create an artwork, Antoine give life to it with his talent in 3D modeling and put it directly in our games. He is the kind of guy you want on your side in PUBG, skilled and funny. He may sometimes be slightly scatterbrained or forget to get up, it's true. But count on him to activate his high-octane gasoline in case of a massive working arrival. Or still if you feel like going to drink one big Belgian beer.



Atomic Raccoon Studio is a parisian new indie game dev studio created during summer 2015 by a crew of two young engineers. Edouard is a former journalist specialised in video game around the world and Paul was a consultant in the digital and computer industry. 

Stay Safe is our second game after 49-3, a satirical game about France’s politics, released for free on Android and playable on The Game reached an audience of 15,000 thanks to several articles on indie games blogs and political online newspaper.

So what are we all about ? We want to create fun and challenging gameplay to tug the hardcore gamer and delight speedrunners. We are so excited to develop games that we love, in hopes that you love them too.


In the beginning there was this one Sound Designer, living a happy and wealthy life. Suddendly a terrible accident took place in the lab and his Swapping Machine went all crazy: his evil, all color swapped brother was born, and so was Colorswap Studios !


Apart of playing FAR too much co-op games, Colorswap crafts atmospheric, original soundtracks and tailored sound effects for videogames, but also for advertising, short films, mobile apps, websites...

We are the ones with the POWER to make projects unparalleled by getting a unique, spellbinding soundscape. Also the ones to cook the best kick-ass cheese and mushrooms omelette worldwide, but it has nothing to do with anything right now so KEEP FOCUSED. Damn.

And Enter the World of Colorswap Studios: Beyond Soundscapes!