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TUBE is a 3D racing platformer game. The racetrack is filled with traps, buttons and switches to activate doors and mechanisms. The trick is perpetual motion at high speed and no brakes! Braking is for losers anyway. But you can boost to get to F-zero fastness and beat the best time. Dashing left and right is also possible and highly recommended. As of right now, we have one prototype level available.




• Developer: Atomic Raccoon Studio; Based in Paris, France

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC, Mac


Price: TBE

Availability: Digital Download

Langugaes: English, French


File Size: TBE

Press Contact:

Social: Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube

Instruction Manual: TBE


Game description


• High speed 3D Racing-Platformer game

• Perpetual motion & no brakes (Like Race The Sun)

• Controls : Turning, dashing, boosting

• Activate systems and dodge traps at fast pace to prevent death

• 30 secs tracks

• Time attack and online leaderboard

• Working on fly mode with different controls

• Made in Unity 3D for PC/MAC/Android/iOS


Studio Description


Atomic Raccoon Studio is a French studio created in late 2015. The team is based in Paris and composed of 7 members:

Edouard – Programmer & Animator – Unity

Paul – 3D artist – Blender & Substance

Elisa – Designer – Adobe Suite

Antoine – 3D Artist – Blender & Substance

Luis & Rafael – The Sound guys.

Jeremy – Communication & Marketing


Atomic Raccoon Studio is a fresh new indie game dev studio created during summer 2015 by a crew of two young engineers. Edouard is a former journalist specialised in video game around the world and Paul was a consultant in the digital and computer industry. 

TUBE was made in the month of July. This is the second released game of the Studio after 49-3, a satirical game about France’s politics. 49-3 was released for free on Android and is playable on The Game reached an audience of 15,000 thanks to several articles on indie games blogs and political online newspaper.

So what are we all about ? We want to create fun and challenging gameplay to tug the hardcore gamer and delight speedrunners. We are so excited to develop games that we love, in hopes that you love them too.